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Institutions Providing Financial Relief During Government Shutdown

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Published 01/22/2019

If you’re a government worker or contractor who has been impacted by the shutdown, share your story with Homesnap. Homesnap will randomly select 10 entries from government workers and contractors and pay their mortgage or rent in February.  For more details go to:

Below is a list of Institutions providing financial relief during the government shutdown. 

Bank/Program Details:Contact Info:
Ally Bank is offering special services to customers impacted by the shutdown. Those affected should contact the bank directly to discuss individual options. Ally Bank: 1-877-247-2559
Ally Home Loans: 1-855-256-2559
Ally Credit Card: 1-888-916-2559
American Express is assisting customers, small businesses, and corporate card members who are affected by the shutdown by waiving late fees, return check fees, and future interest charges. Reach out to a customer care professional via the mobile app, chat or call the number on the back of your card or 1-800-528-4800
The American Red Cross is processing no interest loans on behalf of the Coast Guard Mutual Assistance to the Coast Guard service members impacted by the Lapse in Appropriations (commonly known as the government shutdown).  Coast Guard service members with dependents will be eligible for a $1,000 loan, while unmarried service members will be eligible for $750. This loan assistance is designed to cover an estimated two weeks of shortfalls for those unpaid to help cover expenses such as housing, essential utilities, food and child care. The loan is available to all Coast Guard service members.Apply for assistance at
Bank of America is offering affected government employees to participate in their Client Assistance Program. A priority assistance line has been setup for individuals to call to discuss fee refunds and waiversm repayment plans and loan modification options.  A bank representative will speak to the impacted individual to understand their specific situation, and  determine what personalized assistance can be provided. Contact the Priority Assistance Line at 844.219.0690 OR schedule an appointment at
Bank of the West is providing case by case assistance to those impacted by the shutdown. Call the service line at 1-800-488-2265
Capital One is offering a Customer Assistance Program which offers numerouus options to help those who are living with a missed paycheck. Their options include refunding credit card fees, extending payment due dates, and waiving service fees on deposit accounts. Call 1-877-383-4802 or visit your local branch for more information
Chase is automatically waiving overdraft and monthly service fees for checking and savings accounts, if the accounts had a payroll check deposited into either account in November 2018. The bank is also willing to help with mortgages, loans, and credit card payments once speaking with a representative. Contact the Special Care Line at 1-888-356-002
Citi Bank is offering a varierty of services to those impacted by the shutdown. Individuals affected should call the bank directly to speak about possible repayment plans. With mortgages specifically, the bank may be able to offer short-term forbearance and repayment plans and/or loan modifications. Citi Cards: 1-800-950-5114
Citibank: 1-888-248-4226
CitiMortgage: 1-800-283-7918 
Democracy Federal Credit Union is offering membershelp with payment deferments as well as loan extensions for existing loan holders for up to 90 days. Current and potential customers can also apply for a short-term loan for up to six months.For more information and assistance visit
Discover is offering a variety of services to help individuals affected by the shutdown on a case-by-case basis. The bank is willing to help reverse interest payments and interest charges. Contact  1-800-DISCOVER or chat with a representative online at 
The financial company, which caters to military members and offers insurance, banking, and financial advisors, is issuing zero-interest payroll advances, offering loan assistance, penalty-free early withdrawal, and waiving cash advance fees to affected Coast Guard and federal employee clientsFor more information call 888.763.7600 or visit
Justice Federal Credit Union is offering unsecured loans of up to $3,000 at 3.19 percent interest, loan deferment up to 30 days, and mortgage assistance to members who work at the Department of Justice or Department of Homeland Security.For more information call 800-550-5328 or visit
Navy Federal Credit Union is providing interest-free loans of up to $6,000 to federal government workers and active duty members of the Coast Guard who are also members of the credit union. Others who are affected can call to discuss their options.Apply for the Government Shutdown Loan Program online at
PNC is urging customers to contact the bank for those affected. They are waiving fees and providing additional financing plans. Contact a representative at 1-888-762-2265 
Quick Loans are waiving late fees for all clients that may be in jeopardy of missing a payment due to the government shutdown, as well as providing a free 30-day rate lock extension for any clients currently in the mortgage process.Contact a representative at 1-800-251-9080 
SkyOne Federal Credit Union which caters to air transportation employees, is offering a Crisis Co-Pilot Relief Program that promises $5,000 interest-free loans at 0% APR for first 90 days of the loan term.Customers can apply  online at and have their loans processed within two to three days
TD Bank is offering customers affected by the shutdown to enroll in their Payment Assistance Program. The program will provide access to additional funds at no cost, late fee refunds on most TD Bank Visa credit cards, mortgage, home equity, auto or personal loan assistance, and flexibility on small business loans or lines of credit.Contact 1-888-751-9000 or enroll online at
The U.S. Employees Credit Union is offering 60-day, interest-free loans for federal government employees whose direct deposit pay will be affected by the shutdown, regardless of their credit score. Apply at 
Transportation Federal Credit Union, which primarily serves federal, state, and local government employees, is providing relief for members who are not receiving paychecks due to the shutdown by offering a 4.50% APR Furlough Loan with a minimum payment of $25. The credit union will also provide two weeks of net pay for up to $3,000 and the first payment deferred up to 45 days. Members who are impacted are also able to skip up to two months of payments on consumer loans Apply at
Treasury Department Federal Credit Union is providing 30-day loan extensions for existing members in good standing. It's also lending both existing and prospective members their net pays for up to two pay periods.Call 1-800-344-4497 or apply at
Qualified Federal Employees can apply for a low-rate quick loans for anyone with a US bank mortgage. Customers with any U.S. Bank product, including mortgage and auto loans or U.S. Bank credit cards can apply for the $100 to $6,000 loans. The bank encourages customers impacted to speak with a bank representative to determine how they can help with their unique financial situation. Contact the Government Shutdown Service Line at 1-877-760-6046
In direct support of members, USAA is offering a one-time, low interest loan to active Coast Guard, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Corps, Public Health Service Corps personnel whose pay is disrupted,” USAA told FREE in a email statement. The lender is also providing all eligible members affected by the shutdown with a 60-day payment deferral on consumer loans, 90-day payment deferral on credit cards, and special payment arrangements on auto and home insurance premiums. Call 1-800-631-USAA and learn more at
SunTrust urges clients in tough financial situations to contact their multiple support lines to find a solution that works best for the individual's needs.For Consumer Lending and Credit Card Support: 1-844-395-5042
For Mortgage Support call Payment Solutions: 1-800-443-1032
For all other requests contact us at 1-800-SUNTRUST (1-800-786-8787)
Wells Fargo will automatically reverse the monthly service or overdraft sufficient / non-sufficient fund fees on Federal Employees deposit accounts if they had a payroll check direct deposited into that account in November 2018. Additionally, thebank will reverse and waive late fees on credit cards loans and mortgages. Call 1-800-219-9739 OR visit 
DISCLAIMER: Advent Properties, Inc. does not endorse any aforementioned institution or guarantee the viability or accuracy of their programs. This information has been sourced from other third-party publications. 

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