Advent Properties was founded in 2008 to provide concierge real estate and property management services to the San Francisco Bay Area and surrounding areas. Advent serves the needs of property owners, sellers, and buyers from Sacramento to the Silicon Valley, each subject to a myriad of local laws and regulations, through seven area offices. As a result, Advent has become one of the premier full-service property management and real estate companies in the area, with over 600 client-owned rental property units under management.

Advent founder, Benjamin Scott, says, "Advent grew out of my personal experiences managing my own properties and working with the East Bay Rental Housing Association. Before I knew it, other property owners were asking me to manage their properties. I realized I needed to build a team of mission-driven, informed, real estate and property management resources to provide the kind of support I wanted personally. The result is Advent Properties. I couldn't be more proud. We're here to help with knowledge, passion and a commitment to your goals.

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