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We believe that each property and owner is unique therefore, our teams listen, plan, and implement your personalized goals and objectives. With a 12-page intake form, we are thorough from the start to understand the nuances of your property. Our dedicated property management team is certified by the California Apartment Association. Continuing education is our key to success, to stay knowledgeable of the ever-changing local, state, and federal landlord and tenant laws. The team will make sure your property has up-to-date leases and mandatory federal, state, and local addendums. We conduct current condition tours with advanced knowledge since many of us also own rental properties. We treat your property like it is our own asset, we are responsive, communicative, and are proactive to keep your asset legally compliant, and in the best condition possible. Interested in learning more about our residential property management intake process? Click here to schedule a call with Darryl Glass today!

How can we help you today?

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  • • Monthly Statement of income/ expenses.

  • • Rigid enforcement of Federal, State, and Local laws.

  • • Strict Enforcement/ Adherence to Lease Agreement.

  • • Monthly Rent Collections and Deposits.

  • • Handle all Tenant phone calls for maintenance repairs and concerns.

  • • Oversee all maintenance of property including inspections of each unit every 12 months (upon request).

  • • Publish engaging content to promote your property on our Social Media Channels.

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  • • Full-Time Leasing Specialists Available 7-days a week.*

  • • Research of Rental Market for Competitive Pricing.

  • • Posting of property details and pictures on various web based rental services.

  • • Answer all emails and phone calls in regard to questions and showings of your property.

  • • Screen potential Tenant(s): Fico Score, Credit Report, and Court Record Search across 50 states (for any unlawful detainers.)

  • • Comprehensive, up-to-date lease agreement with required Federal, State, and Local addendums.

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  • • Review of all lease files to make sure current forms are used to limit liability on the owner.

  • • Monthly Rent Collections and Deposits.

  • • Monthly Statement of income and expenses.

  • • Handle all Tenant phone calls for repairs and complaints.

  • • Schedule and supervise all maintenance repairs of the property.

  • • Review property for income potential and liabilities.

  • • Rigid enforcement of Federal, State, and Local laws as they pertain to the Tenant(s).

  • • Strict enforcement and adherence of the Lease Agreement.

  • • Management services as requested.

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Speed, accuracy, cost-effectiveness and communication is the key to great property care.

  • • 24/7 live maintenance line keeps your residents/tenants safe and problem-free.

  • • We are responsive, communicative and proactive to keep your property in the best condition possible.

  • • Our $50,000 KeyTrac system keeps all your common area and unit keys, fobs, and garage remotes organized, safe, and secure.

  • • We have dedicated in-house maintenance techs for quick responses to service your tenants and property.

  • • Trusted Preferred Vendors, that are licensed, bonded and insured, that know our customer's demands and cost-conscious requirements.

Have any maintenance questions, need clarification or advice? Our experienced and knowledgeable Property Care Director is here to listen and assist! We take your property’s safety, security, and condition seriously by investing in the latest technology, the most knowledgeable and hard-working team members.