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Krista S.

5 Star Review 10/25/2024

I put in a request to have the fan in my bathroom fixed after it started making some concerning sounds. James Ryan Jr. called me first thing in the morning one business day after I submitted my request to arrange an inspection. He was able to come the same day and managed to fix my fan so quickly! I feel like he went above and beyond to make sure I was aware of the diagnosis and plan for how he would fix the issue. He let me test the fan before leaving and I was pleased with the end result! Thank you James!

Kelly H.

5 Star Review 10/17/2024

I was in search for an office space for my private practice, and I was pleasantly surprised by not only the level of professionalism of leasing manager Bless, but her personable demeanor and support. Throughout the leasing process, Bless ensured I had what I needed for the building and even recommendations for office supplies. I highly recommend Advent Properties!

Liya T.

5 Star Review 10/11/2024

I had an issue with my closet not opening up and closing and James Ryan Jr was super helpful repairing it for us in no time... he even went an extra mile to spray paint the scratches so it didn't look ugly. Very respectful of our requests and was more than happy to help if further issues happened. Thank you James!

Katie K.

5 Star Review 10/10/2024

Alonzo came to do a minor repair today. He called the morning after I made the request to see when a good time would be and was able to come right away and do the job. Good communication, had the tools he needed and completed the job quickly. I was very happy with his work.

Walken S.

5 Star Review 10/01/2024

We moved into our place almost 4 months ago now since June. Advent Properties was simply amazing walking us through the rental applications process. There is always that concern when moving if a property management company will be reliable on repairs or communications. Since moving in we've made requests for a few needed maintenance and repair issues including replacing a kitchen faucet, installing new fire alarms and even a door repair etc. I want to give a big thank you to Advent and especially James Ryan Jr who came in to do the repairs. His knowledge and experience was pretty impressive. It was surprising just how quickly these repairs were addressed. James' walked me through how each item would be fixed. It was really reassuring to receive that level of professional service. My fiance and I are two very grateful tenants.

Waynetta P.

5 Star Review 11/08/2024

I am leaving this review for Tyler. I went to look at an apartment and the pictures online were the exact same. He also showed me another apartment a tad smaller in the same building but with updated appliances ( I took that one ). He was on time for the viewing and helped me along the whole process from credit to signing the lease. He is super nice and doesn't give that cringe feeling that some of us women get when viewing with a man. He answered all of my questions and made sure that i knew what I was getting into. I now have an apartment that I'm super excited about. In a quiet environment with secure PARKING. On a side note: I have lived in an apartment that was managed by this company. They have a no nonsense approach to managing their properties and it was clean. They don't play around when it's comes to paying your rent. So if your planning on squatting....this is not the company to play with. Again Tyler is the best and he is HONEST. Ask for him. He can make miracles happened.

Tiffany A.

5 Star Review 11/04/2024

Going through the viewing and application process with Tyler at Advent felt almost effortless. He was friendly, communicative, and straightforward, and he answered all my questions throughout the process. Thank you, Tyler!

Knoa B.

5 Star Review 11/01/2024

Tyler was super helpful during the application and move in process. He's responsive, friendly and answered all my questions. Happy to be working with him.

Steffen S.

5 Star Review 11/01/2024

James Ryan Jr. was very helpful to get our issue solved. He went out his way to investigate the issue we had and he didn't stop until there was a solution. We have been dealing with an issue for about a year and this is the first time our problem was solved. Give this man a raise because he was very helpful getting what me and my needed done and he deserves it.

Krysten V.

5 Star Review 11/01/2024

Advent Properties Inc. is the only rental company that we will use in the Bay Area! They are the best when it comes to fair market value as well getting you into a place you will enjoy.

Glen S. S.

5 Star Review 11/01/2024

Today I had the pleasure of having Maintenance Tech James Ryan repair our crawl space door. James was punctual, and provided exceptional detail in completing the service. James was responsive to my additional questions. I would definitely prefer his service for any request we have at this property going forward! Additionally, I would like to acknowledge that Advent properties is normally transparent, and quick to respond on what will need to be done! Thanks team!

Sarah Ellen R.

5 Star Review 11/01/2024

My kitchen ceiling sustained water damage when it sprung a leak over my stove one night. Plumbers came to stop the leak, and Advent sent James Ryan to fix the big hole they left. As always he did a phenomenal job. He made sure the timing suited me. It took him two trips-- one to patch and one to paint. Now it's impossible to see there was ever a massive hole there at all.

Saagar K.

5 Star Review 05/10/2023

Darryl was instrumental in helping us purchase our home. He’s professional, knowledgeable, and great at communicating. Go with Darryl for your real estate needs!

Ashley R.

5 Star Review 06/09/2023

Advent Properties hands down has been the best experience I have had out all the property managements I have dealt with through my whole life! I work with Tyler who manages the property I rent and who also did the application process to get me into the rental unit I am in and he was super smooth, easy-going, informative on the unit and just the whole process was a positive experience. If you are thinking of renting property I tell you a 110% go through Advent Properties, it is definitely a solid, positive experience all the way!!!

Sebastion R.

5 Star Review 07/09/2020

My wife and I rented from Advent Properties for two years and our experience with them was wonderful from the time Tyler showed us the property to our final inspection to leave. They were extremely responsive to maintenance issues and very thorough in resolving them. They were very kind and would always call us back and return our emails promptly. They are essentially everything you would want in a management company from the renters perspective. If we return to the Bay Area, they are the first company we will look to to lease from.

Ezekiel R.

5 Star Review 01/03/2024

James Ryan came to our unit to deal with some mold growth & repaint in the bathroom. Not only did he take care of the problem, he did so with excellent customer service! He was extremely professional, friendly, & produced excellent quality work. Definitely would recommend him again!

Chrissy S.

5 Star Review 12/02/2024

I am just moving in to my new office space. I have really enjoyed working with Bless and Advent Properties. She is super responsive and upfront about the whole office renting process. As a first time office renter, I've had plenty of questions, and she has always been helpful.

Chrissy S.

5 Star Review 12/02/2024

I am just moving in to my new office space. I have really enjoyed working with Bless and Advent Properties. She is super responsive and upfront about the whole office renting process. As a first time office renter, I've had plenty of questions, and she has always been helpful.

Aeneas A.

5 Star Review 12/01/2024

I had an amazing experience at Advent, they made me feel completely comfort and safe by knowing exactly what I wanted and needed. Let alone knowing the issues and personal pet peeves i might have when finding a new place. It made me feel like my therapist needed to get training from them.I would choose them by far over other realtors. I also want to make note that some of the most wonderful and kind people I've ever met helped me out and they had a wonderful sense of humor which I feel is especially essential in such a busines. so when using Advent properties in Sacramento look around for Bless, Benjamin, James and Kelly!

Sarah C.

5 Star Review 12/01/2024

Alonzo helped us with a little ant problem today. Good communication and quick, reliable service.

Melville M.

5 Star Review 12/01/2024

This isn't a review for Advent Properties as a management company, but a review for James Ryan Jr. who's does maintenance for them. James has been nothing but helpful and friendly since I moved in to my new apartment. It's a comfort knowing he's available to help out. Thanks James!

Kate Z.

5 Star Review 12/01/2024

Thank you Alonzo for your job! He was very kind and careful doing it. He pays attention to details and his work was nicely done.

Ashley R.

5 Star Review 12/01/2024

This review is for James Ryan Jr who recently completed a work order on my unit. James Ryan was friendly, efficient, responsive, and accommodating to my schedule. Thanks James!

Scoot M

5 Star Review 08/21/2024

We got our first batch of properties that Darryl picked for us, and it’s clear that he listened carefully, has tried to be mindful of our pricepoints for various transaction types, an precisely, efficiently and effectively selected properties that fit the various tracks we are interested in. He has been very prompt and patient during showings, and we admire his expertise and professionalism.

Elizabeth C.

5 Star Review 04/14/2024

Tyler was immensely helpful, commutative and responsive during our application process. During a time that can be really stressful, he made himself available for questions and general guidance. Cant wait to move into this beautiful home and treat it with care. Thanks Tyler! Looking forward to working with Advent during our stay.

Sacha K

5 Star Review 05/19/2023

Darryl is really knowledgeable and communicative. Helped me see what needed to be done. He is patient and easy to work with.


5 Star Review 01/26/2024

Darryl was a professional all the way through the transaction. He explained the options and guided us through the process we chose.

Kristin O.

5 Star Review 01/18/2023

We have rented a house that is almost one hundred years old, so issues do come up. Scotty, the director in charge of maintenance, is great and has been amazing in terms of turnaround and follow-up. Today, Isaac came by and was very helpful, thorough, and friendly as well. I have full confidence our issues will be handled well and in a timely manner. I have had disappointing (that's putting it mildly) experiences hiring property managers for two of my father's homes and I am actually shocked at how responsive and sympathetic this company is. It's hard to find.

Lexie S.

5 Star Review 12/12/2022

We were very satisfied with our apartment hunt process thanks to Tyler! He was professional, kind, and communicative, and answered our questions thoroughly about the unit and the application process. Once we saw the space, we turned in the application almost immediately and we got our approval so quickly! Very grateful for the quick turnaround time and the overall experience.

Lindsay S.

5 Star Review 12/07/2022

We're happily waking up today in our quirky, old, but much-improved home in Oakland. We've lived here, in our Advent-managed house, for over 11 years. In that time the flooring (much of which wasn't new at move-in) has had a lot of wear and tear. We requested that the carpeting in our family room be replaced and Advent responded by replacing the flooring in almost half of the house. We were thrilled with the work done by the contractors- Stephanie, Javiar, and the whole crew from Bubbly Pro. They worked quickly and efficiently and did an incredible job. It was even completed sooner than expected (very rare in my experience). Communication was excellent - very responsive and very pleasant and we experienced minimal impact while living in the house during the work. The floors look amazing and they left the site spotless. I'd recommend them to anyone looking for similar services.

Isabella I.

5 Star Review 08/19/2022

Tyler was so awesome to work with. He was super responsive, willing to answer all of our questions, and over all super kind. We did end up going with a different place, but we were honestly sad about the decision because Tyler was super great and if he's any example for the rest of the company I'm sure it would be a really solid experience renting from Advent.

Sadie E.

5 Star Review 08/17/2022

Tyler was extremely helpful and responsive during our house search. We appreciated having his expertise while navigating the leasing process and look forward to working with Advent Properties when we move into our new home!

Kaisha J.

5 Star Review 07/29/2022

We came home after a weeklong trip to a leaking dishwasher and standing water in our kitchen, dining room and living room. Scott and his team we quick to resolve the issue and were kind and professional. Huge shout-out to Isaac, who was the boots on the ground, for going above and beyond in helping us clean up the mess and figure out the issue. He even helped us get rid of our sopping wet rug and put our couch back together. Just a great experience overall with both Isaac and Scott. Scott was communicative and understanding. Awesome job with an unfortunate situation!

David K.

5 Star Review 07/15/2022

We've had a wonderful experience with Advent managing our rental duplex! The Advent team is well-organized, professional, friendly, and communication is always excellent. Whether it is turning units between tenants, providing timely advice, or giving us updates on maintenance and tenant requests, we are always kept up to date. Owner statements and accounting are timely and well organized and make tax time a breeze. Advent has a really great system and team in place and provides an outstanding property management experience.

Carleen L.

5 Star Review 07/14/2022

David was super prompt in fixing our door, explained to me what caused the issue and had me try a few times to make sure it worked! Isaac was very communicative, fixed a window that was our main source of ventilation and went the extra mile to fix some string lights so I can now enjoy the backyard during the evenings! Thank you!

Leslie H.

5 Star Review 07/09/2022

Tyler was very professional, energetic, and to the point with the information that we needed at the showing.

Eric T.

5 Star Review 06/30/2022

I was looking for a house and they found what I wanted clean in good condition and on top of that I have my own backyard . Had a great encounter with Sharion professional listened to my expectations and delivered. I will recommend Advent Properties without hesitation, Simply the best.

Atrin S.

5 Star Review 06/29/2022

This review is mainly for the maintenance team. We had a few maintenance requests lasting for months before Scott's team took over in May and reached out to us and fixed them all within days.

Maria G.

5 Star Review 06/21/2022

I have been living in one of Advents properties since 2010. They have always taken care of any issues I've had. Recently I had the handle of my kitchen faucet break off. I'm usually home for any repairs but was unable to be home this time. They sent Brandon. He did such an AWSOME job putting in a new faucet. Today I had a problem with my toilet tank and again they sent Brandon. This time I was able to be home and again, he did just an AWSOME job. He is such a professional and a gentleman. I will be requesting Brandon for any future plumbing issues. Thank you Brandon!

Emily N.

5 Star Review 06/21/2022

Thanks David for being so efficient, responsive, and thorough in my repairs. Three different things completed in just a few days.

Penelope D.

5 Star Review 05/27/2022

My heat was not working in my apartment and my shower didn't heat up to hot just warm and Phillip came out to fix it! The shower he was able to do immediately, however, the heat took a few days. He was super communicative and let me know the progress he was making every step of the way! He was also super respectful and put shoe covers on before coming into my apt. All in all super kind and very efficient! I would definitely recommend working with him again!

Mike A.

5 Star Review 05/17/2022

Big thanks to David! He came out and took care of the issue for us!! Thanks again, David!


5 Star Review 05/11/2022

Whenever I need something fixed at our rental home, Advent is quick to respond. The best is when Issac is on the job! He's reliable, quick, polite and gets it all done. It's a delight working with him!

Alix F.

5 Star Review 05/11/2022

Jose Alonzo and Scott fixed our window screen and screen door today! Thank you so much!

Marisa S.

5 Star Review 05/09/2022

This review is for Jose Alonzo and Scott. Today, we received repair service for our bathroom sink. The job was done quickly and efficiently. They even went above and beyond by fixing something else that was broken on the sink, but wasn't in the service request. Excellent service!

Cynthia S.

5 Star Review 05/04/2022

Our association with Advent Properties, Inc. began in 2015 when we decided to rent out our family home in Oakland due to a job relocation. Benjamin Scott and his excellent, professional team communicated with us in a timely manner, carefully and completely explained the rules and regulations of being a landlord in Oakland, and made the process clear, efficient, and successful. Benjamin also went above and beyond as a real estate manager in helping us sell a family home in San Francisco in 2016 during a difficult, emotional period. This year, we worked with Darryl Glass of Advent to sell our Oakland home in a swiftly changing real estate market. Darryl is a consummate real estate professional - his knowledge and expertise saved us money, time, and a lot of aggravation! He was without question a pleasure to work with: responsive, detail-oriented, with a lot of patience and good humor while we prepared our home for sale. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND Advent Properties, Inc. for property management and real estate sales.

Michael M.

5 Star Review 04/27/2022

Tyler P made the entire process of finding an apartment simple and expedient from start to finish. He was able to quickly determine exactly what I was looking for in an apartment and was very flexible with setting up times to view rentals. He was both professional and forthcoming with all the details that make moving into a new place comfortable. After working with Tyler I would highly recommend Advent Properties to anyone looking for a rental in the area.

Winona E.

5 Star Review 04/14/2022

Kelly is always very helpful and concerned for the tenant’s needs. She handles all issues professionally and quickly. If there is a problem she lets you know personally. She follows thru. I appreciate her. She’s a definite asset to Advent! Thank you, Kelly.

Brian J.

5 Star Review 04/08/2022

Sharion Sadler was helpful, friendly, accommodating, and responsive in our home renting process. She made the whole process much easier and a positive experience.

Amoreena W.

5 Star Review 04/04/2022

I had a wonderful, streamlined experience with Tyler. He was available to show the unit I was interested in promptly, and get the necessary paperwork together immediately. He was professional, eager, and friendly. I would recommend this property group to anyone that needs help finding great units FAST. I appreciate how effortless this process was. Thanks again for your hard work.

Penelope D.

5 Star Review 04/03/2022

I just moved to Oakland from New York and found the perfect apartment on Craigslist. Coming from NY, I wasn't sure if Craigslist was going to be a scam or not, but it wasn't. When I reached out to the ad, Tyler reached out to me ASAP and we scheduled a time for me to view the apt. I ended up having to cancel last minute because of a work conflict and he was super understanding and we rescheduled a few days later. Tyler is super communicative and responsive and answered all of my questions promptly. I applied for the unit almost immediately and he helped walk me through the whole process and advocated for me to the owner. He also allowed me to come back to the apartment after I signed my lease to take measurements so I could start buying furniture. All and all, Tyler is the best and I definitely will recommend him to all my friends for their rental needs. 10/10 recommend!

Laura L.

5 Star Review 03/24/2022

This review is for Sharion. She is so helpful with my rental process. I am so glad to get the house I want.

Ryan Paul T.

5 Star Review 03/10/2022

I was contacted by Tyler P. about the property I am moving my son and I into. The man made the process so easy. As a result, my son and I are moving into a really nice place to settle in for the foreseeable future! Very professional, responsive, and overall easy to work with. I appreciate the hard work and the process.

Steve W.

5 Star Review 02/07/2022

We just sold our home in the Bay Area and could not be happier with the results, thanks in large part to Darryl Glass and his team. His experience and attention to detail made the process smooth and easy for me and my family. I will certainly use him again for future sales or purchases. I highly recommend his services.

Phil D.

5 Star Review 02/02/2022

We had a SUPER positive experience working with Tyler. He was very communicative and helpful when we first connected with Advent Properties. When we met with him to show us the unit, he arrived promptly, was very professional, presentable, and friendly. It was clear he was very knowledgeable about the property and the process. Working with him certainly helped seal the deal that this was the place we wanted. Even after the interaction, he did a great job answering all of our questions throughout the signing process. Never once did he give us a reason to feel bad about anything. This was likely because of his positive, friendly, personable attitude coupled with his experience of helping others with this level of service and attention. Because of his speedy and professional service, we were able to acquire our new residence completely stress-free and in remarkable time. He single-handedly changed my perception of how difficult it can be to find a new home. Thank you so much, Tyler for your hard and speedy work. I certainly hope it is being noticed. Thanks again for all your help and hope to work with you again in the future! - Phil and Sasha

Alina M.

5 Star Review 01/25/2022

We got approved for our DREAM home (To rent) ! Tyler was the person who helped us and he was incredibly nice and friendly. We saw other homes and the people who were showing the house were awkward or not knowledgeable about the home. Not Tyler he had answers to all of our questions he showed us around and made us feel extremely comfortable. Even when applying he would respond quickly to us and helped us with whatever we needed. Super excited to move and really happy we had Tyler help us. Thanks Tyler !!

Julia D.

5 Star Review 01/24/2022

This 5-star review shout-out strictly goes to Tyler. From the post on CL to the walkthrough, this guy is on top of it. Professional, responsive in a timely manner, and knowledgeable about the building/property. Top-notch! He made the application process feel like a breeze and went above and beyond answering all/any questions I had. Communication is key in my book and this guy's got it. Star employee, I would refer future tenants to work with Advent Properties based this my experience. Thanks again Tyler!

Caitlin J.

5 Star Review 01/21/2022

Tyler helped my friends and me with our rental property. He was the fastest and most efficient person we've all worked with; he was on top of everything and we heard back the day of about the house. We now have the most beautiful home thanks to his expertise and help! He truly cares about his clients and I recommend him to anyone and everyone!

Danilo V.

5 Star Review 01/21/2022

Leaving a review for our listing agent Tyler Powell, who in simple made finding a new place to live the simplest process I've experienced. We've been looking for the past month for a new place and have gone through multiple listing agents who are quick with responding as you'd imagine but nowhere near the speed of this man Tyler. Within sending an email regarding a property, we had a viewing the next day after having sent the email only ten minutes prior. Tyler then informed us of the application process, the list they have to fix certain aspects prior to moving in, what we are expected to meet for criteria, facts about the community, and let us know during the viewing to make a separate list if there is anything we would like handled if we did move into this property so we can find a common ground with the owner. Tyler was at the viewing prior to us and we arrived 15 minutes early, we were his first viewing, Tyler met us out front and took us around the outside to inspect and see the surroundings of the house, took us through everything the property had to offer and furniture ideas, how to host events, etc. Following the end of the tour, Tyler took the time to take us to the two closest neighbors who he has befriended by showing the place as often as he has and introduced us as potential renters which we took as an over the top treatment as his clients. It gave us a stronger sense of "this is a great community, I wouldn't expect people to be that nice or welcoming". Within the same day, he provided us the application, walked us through any questions, and did everything on his end to have us be approved the same day! We've as stated before been back and forth for a month and given so much time to finding the right place and within 24 hours of our first email, we have signed the lease to our new home. Can't express enough gratitude for this man and his company for helping us in this stressful time and making it a smooth process.

Katya R.

5 Star Review 01/20/2022

Tyler Powell has been such a huge help to me! First, I just wanted to say that this was by far the most exceptional experience I have ever had with a leasing agent and property management company. From my initial inquiry of the apartment to the completion of my move-in, Tyler was not only super responsive; but made sure I was aware of every little detail that pertained to my apartment and process leading up to moving in and was never bothered by the numerous questions I asked. Tyler makes communication and transparency priority #1 and you sure can tell from the moment you meet him. This is my first time living completely on my own and Tyler really made everything easy for me. Thank you again Tyler and Advent Properties for making this process so smooth and comfortable for me. I truly am very happy with where I am!

Kimberly B.

5 Star Review 12/21/2021

My fiancé and I recently rented a home and had the pleasure of meeting with Sharion, an Advent Property agent. From the day we met and saw the home, she was nothing but polite, dependable, and knowledgeable. We had a lot of questions and Sharion took the time to find out the answers and provide us the reassurance we hoped for along the way. She's been a delight to work with, and without a doubt, I plan to continue working with her moving forward. We lucked out — not only in finding a great home but also meeting Sharion!

Anthony Y.

5 Star Review 12/07/2021

Tyler has been ultra-responsive in helping set up a showing for us and also responding to our emails promptly about various things. We'd highly recommend working with him — he's been the easiest, most positive, but also most knowledgeable person we've worked with on our hunt for a new spot.

Kevin P.

5 Star Review 11/12/2021

Tyler the property manager was quick to respond and made the rental process easy and painless. Thanks for all your help Tyler Powell

Bryce B.

5 Star Review 11/11/2021

After about a month of living in our new home, we've had a lovely experience living at an Advent property! The leasing process was so smooth and our leasing agent, Sharion, was incredibly responsive and helpful at answering our many questions throughout the process. Move-in was smooth, and maintenance requests are typically taken care of within the week. I can't speak to all of Advent's properties, but we have absolutely loved our home and think that they have done a great job on maintaining the charm while still incorporating modern touches that make the place very special!

Jaclyn F.

5 Star Review 09/28/2021

This review is regarding Tyler. I got in contact with him through Zillow about an apartment I was interested in, however, the apartment was taken by the time I had my appointment. Though this was disappointing, Tyler offered to show me another place that was nearby and just as nice, if not better. Throughout the whole process, Tyler was very responsive and communicative and answered every question that I had. He worked with me and I was able to get approved for this apartment the next day! Thank you, Tyler!

Nanfang H.

5 Star Review 09/08/2021

Darryl has helped us to sell several rental properties in East Bay this year. We are very happy with his superior service. Darryl is very knowledgeable. You can reach him any time when you need help.

Lena Camille O.

5 Star Review 08/08/2021

Tyler Powell is a rockstar! He was incredibly helpful, and responsive, as my roommate and I planned out a cross-country move and had to look at apartments remotely/with the help of a friend in the Bay. Tyler helped us find and secure our dream loft apartment and advocated for us during the application process. Incredibly kind and knowledgeable throughout the process :) thank you!

Anthony M.

5 Star Review 08/06/2021

I would like to thank Tyler for his great, speedy communication while my roommate and I had a week to find a new place. The apartment ended up being my favorite, the best I've ever toured in a great location! Tyler is very informative, helpful, and responsive. I look forward to having his energy around for these 12 months!

Barbara C.

5 Star Review 07/28/2021

Great job with the parking space issue, Kelly! No one can say you didn't keep us informed during the procedure. You followed through as usual. You also get points for choosing Issac to help you out — he's a pretty good maintenance man!

Naomi L.

5 Star Review 07/23/2021

The owner, Benjamin, is very professional and patient. He contacted me to apologize, and he resolved the issue by recommending several other apartments and tried his best to accommodate my needs. He introduced another leasing associate, Sharion, to follow up with my apartment hunting. Sharion is very nice, helpful, and did great research to find suitable apartments for me. Both Benjamin and Sharion are very professional and accommodating, and I'm satisfied with the follow-up.

Saul A.

5 Star Review 06/17/2021

We love working with Advent! It's refreshing to have great communication with wonderful people. I can't express how much we appreciate Advent! Special shout out to Nicole and Donnell!

Kelly B.

5 Star Review 05/30/2021

Darryl helped my husband and I sell our condo in Oakland. He was wonderful to work with. He made himself readily available throughout the process and also coordinated the repairs and staging for the unit, which was a massive help. I would highly recommend him as a realtor.

Tabatha A.

5 Star Review 05/13/2021

I met with Austin to view a unit. We kept a 6 ft distance and wore masks. He was so polite, very prompt, and had clear communication leading up to and during the viewing. He answered many of my questions before I asked them — and even took notes of what I wanted to see changed before signing a lease. I feel glad to have met him! His follow-up was pretty thorough and appreciated as well.

Veronica F.

5 Star Review 04/28/2021

This review is for Tyler, who was fantastic. I was very stressed out — as I'm sure are most people moving in the Bay Area, never mind during a pandemic. But Tyler calmed my fears, and the whole process went very smoothly. Tyler was punctual, patient, and very responsive in answering all of my questions. He was also in constant communication during the entire process and kept me updated on what I needed to do to complete my rental application. I highly recommend working with him!

Presley A.

5 Star Review 04/19/2021

This review is for Tyler, who helped me & my partner with applying for a home to rent. From the start, he was very communicative & pleasant. He was on time for the showing and gave me space while I toured the home. Tyler advocated for us during the application process, was always transparent, and reached out to me immediately with additional information that we needed. I am so pleased with his services and highly recommend Advent Properties to anyone looking for a new home! Thank you, Tyler!!

Joey T.

5 Star Review 03/29/2021

This review is for Austin. Although I'm not a tenant (for personal reasons, it didn't work out upon my approval), Austin was professional, on time, and easy to talk reach. The renting process can be stressful for most, but Austin was great, and made the application process easy to understand, and was super helpful! Thanks, Austin!

Brittaney W.

5 Star Review 03/29/2021

Our experience with Darryl was all we could ask for and more as first-time homebuyers. He was always responsive and flexible when we emailed him with a variety of homes and interests. After a long journey to find a home in this market, he led us to success, finding our dream home! We recommend Darryl to anyone who wants a great experience with a professional realtor. Who also knows what the most current market trends and rules are.

Lindsey A.

5 Star Review 03/23/2021

I had a great experience working with Austin, who took over for Trimaine halfway through my search. Though the process took a bit longer than expected due to unforeseen circumstances, Austin handled the remaining review and approval processes for my application quickly — and was very communicative and patient through it all. Austin checked-in frequently by calls and texts to share information and answer all of my questions (and I mean ALL of them). He was even available to meet up for one final walkthrough before I signed my lease. Austin went above and beyond to check in again during his pre-inspection, which is a first in my experience. On move-in day, we met up for a thorough inspection, where he shared some solid recommendations for things to keep in mind for maintenance and general upkeep. In the end, I received a copy of the inspection report via email. After searching for a place for over a month, it feels great to have had an easy experience from start-to-finish with Advent Properties.

Bijan O.

5 Star Review 03/08/2021

Working with Tyler has been an overall exceptional experience! He took the time out on the weekend to show us the property while expediting the leasing process and being knowledgeable about the surrounding area and amenities. Tyler was helpful and present throughout the entire experience.

Ren C.

5 Star Review 03/02/2021

My partner and I worked with Tyler to rent one of the properties. The application process was a bit strenuous, but Tyler was super responsive and vouched for us the whole way. We can tell they take great care of the property and we're happy to be renting with people that feel trustworthy, transparent, and caring.

Grace P.

5 Star Review 02/11/2021

I highly recommend Advent Properties when looking for a rental property. We had an emergency at our rental property due to water damage. Tyler was my agent from Advent Properties, Inc. Tyler helped us with showing the rental property and proceed with all the paperwork's application. My agent was great! Tyler was extremely knowledgeable in expediting our application. No other site or resource offered that type of attention and service, not just doing his job but sincerity and willingness to help us since we're in a temporary home. Thanks to Advent Properties, especially to my agent Tyler for making my application process so much easier!

Mary Kay & Ian C.R.

5 Star Review 02/09/2021

Advent Properties managed our Oakland home as a rental property for more than six years. We were out of state, and it was such a relief to have them handle everything. They found us great tenants who lived there the whole time, maintained a good relationship with them, fixed house and appliance problems promptly, and facilitated other property improvements that we made. They knew we planned to move back into the home, and they made sure the house was in good condition AND that our neighbors were happy. Advent showed us their value when our plans changed, and we decided to sell the house. They continued to manage the tenants and show the house, navigating multiple layers of COVID restrictions. They always considered the tenant's comfort and their rights, were helpful during their move-out, and ultimately got us a fantastic offer on the house. Throughout our property-owner phase and our home seller-phase, the team at Advent Properties was helpful, communicative, quick to respond via email and text, and always did their best to keep us informed and comfortable. No matter which staff person we spoke with, they have always treated us with kindness, courtesy, and professionalism.

Jess T.

5 Star Review 02/01/2021

This review is for Bless, the leasing agent I worked with at Advent Properties. Her name says it all, she was an absolute blessing. It is anxiety-producing to be looking for a home during a pandemic, but Bless really took my stress away. She made my health and safety a priority, she was extremely organized and responsive, and she was deeply caring. Bless listened to my needs and preferences, and found several units that were excellent options. I enjoyed working with Bless tremendously, and highly recommend her expertise if you are looking for your perfect unit.

Marin O.

5 Star Review 01/25/2021

Darryl helped my husband and I navigate through the process of purchasing our first home. He listened to our needs and helps answer all the questions we had as first-time homebuyers. Through the ups and downs of this whole process, and in one of the most difficult times to buy, he found the perfect house for us. It had everything we needed and a lot of things we didn't know we wanted. There aren't enough words to express how amazing and professional Darryl is, and I recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

Amie C.

5 Star Review 01/16/2021

I hired Darryl as my listing agent for the sale of my investment property. He suggested good money-saving recommendations that turned out to be very cost-effective. He navigated the changing market exceptionally well, and I found him to be a trustworthy professional.

Nikole G.

5 Star Review 01/13/2021

I just finished signing a lease with Advent and it's been nothing but a smooth and easy process so far. Would love to give a special shout-out to Bless, my leasing agent! She has been super communicative, helpful, and friendly. My experiences with property management are usually rude, unresponsive, and difficult, but Advent and Bless have been the opposite. The unit I'm renting out had a special promotion advertised which at first wasn't detailed when I was starting doing the paperwork, so I contacted Bless and she followed up with her higher-ups immediately and made sure the promotion was honored :) Excellent customer service from her. Will update this review if anything changes once I'm living in the unit, but so far no complaints!

Monique L.

5 Star Review 01/13/2021

Tyler at Advent Properties provided the absolute best rental experience I have ever had in my life! From the very beginning, Tyler went above and beyond the call of duty, from answering texts swiftly, to working hard for me as a potential renter. At every turn, Tyler provided exceptional service. Thank you, Tyler for making a very stressful experience (moving) enjoyable. YOU ARE A SUPERSTAR!!!!! Thank you so much to you and the rest of the Advent team along my journey: Austin, Sasha, and Kelly for all your amazing help. Well done all around!

Anthonia E.

5 Star Review 01/11/2021

Had a great experience working with Trimaine. He was very responsive, had good insight into the different neighborhoods I was looking at, and made coordinating tours easy, even during COVID. The properties themselves were clean and maintained and the lease signing process was simple. Their online tenant portal makes payments easy and their customer service before, during, and after move-in has been great!

Shaun L.

5 Star Review 01/08/2021

Working with Advent was one of the easiest, quickest, and smoothest rental processes I have gone through since being back in California. Tyler is extremely responsive, professional, and provides excellent customer service! I was able to view, apply, and be approved for my apartment in 1 day. He kept me up to date throughout the approval process and I cannot wait to move in in a few weeks! Definitely would recommend Advent and Tyler if you are looking to move and want excellent customer service!

Carlos T.

5 Star Review 12/23/2020

Deciding on which realtor, or more specifically which real estate agent we wanted to entrust the sale of our family home, a home where over 55 years of family memories were created was not taken lightly. Terrie and I don't normally post our thoughts on public sites but felt we owed it to all those folks out there who know of what we are speaking of, to say that we found the perfect, respectful, understanding, and patient agent to guide us through our first Home Sale process. A process which at one time may have consisted of a face to face meeting with an agent and a stack of papers, to what we now understand to involve multiple parties, some technology, possibly due to COVID, proper presentation, and reasonable pricing. While our home sold in what we felt was record time, we will never forget that this was not by luck, there was a lot of planning and preparation being done in the background on our behalf, and at the heart of those efforts was an agent that understood that we weren't just leaving a house, but entrusting our home to an agent who understood what this home meant to us. I am sure there are thousands of realtors out there that will sell your property for you, but if you are looking for a realtor that can see your home through your eyes, Darryl Glass would be our choice every time. Knowing this made our transition to a new home so much easier. Sincerely, Carlos & Terrie Tellez

Sheila B.

5 Star Review 11/16/2020

Darryl Glass was a great partner in the sale of our condo! The process was so smooth and he absolutely thought of everything. His deep experience and knowledge and friendly, helpful attitude made this process easy. He has his hand on the pulse of the market and helped us get the price we wanted. I can't recommend him enough, we are really so grateful for his help!

E'vone S.

5 Star Review 10/29/2020

I have never had a rental experience more simple than what Advent Properties, Inc. offers. I appreciate how the company has incorporated tech into their processes, so that I was able to schedule a showing online and fill out an application. Trimaine, the leasing manager, was a pleasure to work with and made himself available via text or phone call to answer any questions I had regarding the status of my application and how to arrange getting keys to my unit. He even reached out to make sure that my move-in went smoothly. Thanks, Trimaine, for all of your help! I appreciate you going above and beyond to make the process seamless. I definitely recommend renting your next home with this company simply for ease and customer service.

Vivien M.

5 Star Review 08/31/2020

Darryl and his experienced team (William, Trimaine, Kelly) have all done an excellent job with the management of our Victorian condo. We moved across the country to Pennsylvania and wanted to know that our beloved home was in good hands while we were away, and it was. From the onset, Darryl's white-glove handling of on-boarding us to Advent was exceptional, explaining all of the California tenant and landlord laws in painstaking detail. Navigating the ever-changing policies and laws relevant to landlords in California is head-spinning and Advent takes all of this work out of sight, out of mind. Darryl's wealth of knowledge in this space is incomparable, and I would trust him as a real estate advisor in any capacity. The rest of the Advent team made renting our home a seamless process. Any hiccups with maintenance issues or repairs were all handled smoothly. We ran into a rent issue with our tenants one month (literally never had any issues with this prior to or after this one month!) and William took it on as his personal mission to be both an advocate for the tenants (making sure they had access to rent assistance resources if needed) while doing everything he could to ensure we got paid. It ended up being almost a month late, but we were fearing the worst and we only had to deal with a few weeks of stressful communication while William arranged for a new tenant point of contact to ensure we had smooth rent payment going forward. When you're renting your home in times like these, you want to rest easy that it's being taken care of by experts who care. That's what you get in the Advent team. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an end to end management team.

Jayda R.

5 Star Review 08/05/2020

My husband and I recently worked with Advent Properties to move into our beautiful new townhouse in Livermore. After months of searching for the perfect place with enough space to start our growing family, we found a property that we thought was too good to be true! Working with Trimaine was an absolute breeze. He had answers to all of our questions, accommodated a safe tour experience for us (with a baby incoming, we wanted to make sure we were extra careful due to the pandemic) — and was excellent at handling all communication and negotiation. He was our biggest cheerleader throughout the entire process, and we cannot thank him enough for getting us into the space of our dreams! We absolutely couldn't be happier with our experience and highly recommend working with Advent Properties to anyone who is looking to find their next place.

Larry U.

5 Star Review 06/19/2020

Darryl was FULL SERVICE at all times. Very responsive and helpful. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a focused, detail-oriented, informed, and professional real estate broker.

Jon R.

5 Star Review 05/29/2020

Worked with Trimaine Eley to find a new place in Adams Point and he was super professional. It was the first place I was leasing on my own and he made the process easy, convenient and transparent. He was also patience and understanding while I was making my decision. Definitely recommend working with Trimaine if you are moving in the near future.

Max C.

5 Star Review 05/29/2020

Advent has advised me throughout my downstairs unit resulting in wonderful tenants. Thank you!

Michael F.

5 Star Review 03/28/2020

Darryl is amazing! We started our relationship with Darryl and his team when we decided to possibly rent out our Oakland, CA house. Darryl and his team hit the ground running, providing pictures, videos, listing examples, details, and much more. Within a few weeks of making that decision, we decided it would be a better option to sell our house. Darryl never missed a beat and provided a broker package and price opinion within record time. The decision to go with Darryl as our Seller Agent was easy, as he took on every aspect to prepare for the sale. Darryl provides a plan, timeline, talks through options and even coordinates staging, inspections and repairs. Darryl also communicates very well during the process and is open to regular texting, digital signing and phone call check ins. Darryl knew our target sale price and absolutely met our goals! It was a true pleasure working with Darryl, and I highly recommend giving him a call and discussing your real estate needs with him. He will make you his priority client!

Kenneth S.

5 Star Review 03/16/2020

Working with Benjamin Scott at Advent Property Management Back in 2014 was a pleasure to work with. He was so professional and has a can do attitude all the time. He helped us out during a very difficult time then and now in 2020. We really appreciate Ben!

Brandon W.

5 Star Review 02/16/2020

"The entire process of working with Advent properties was seamless and transparent. Our agent Trimaine was very tentative, open and honest throughout the application process and felt like a strong facilitator between my family and the homeowners. We were able to move in quickly, with minor maintenance concerns addressed promptly. 100% customer focused is the vibe I got, which was greatly appreciated."