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7 Things You Shouldn't Do When Buying A Home

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7 Things You Shouldn't Do When Buying A Home

Published 01/03/2020

Your home-purchasing plan could be a long one. When you have an approved offer, you'll likely be eagerly tallying the days until you can move in and start your life as a new homeowner. You may be pre-approved for a home loan, however, you may not meet all requirements for the advance if you commit avoidable mistakes during the approval process.

The following tips below are pointers that potential homeowners should follow to secure their home purchase during the process:

Do not open a new credit card

When you apply for a credit card, the credit card organization will run n inquiry on your credit, which can end up bringing down your credit score. Verify with your home loan lender prior to opening any new lines of credit, or wait until your home loan is finished and you have the keys to your new home.

Do not apply for any new loans or buy a car

Having a credit rating is vital to meeting all requirements for a home loan. Taking out another line of credit turns into more debt, and paying off your debt-to-income ratio could put the home loan advance in peril.

Do not cosign for anyone

Even if your co-signee always keep their loans in good standing, the loan will show on your credit report until it is paid off in full. Although you may not be the primary person on the loan, cosigning makes you financially obligated to cover the payments if the primary payer defaults.

Do not start a new job

Banks are cautious about giving credit to someone with an unsteady employment history. Mortgage lenders always look at work history, and a change can imply that you won't have the security to make regular payments in the future. Most mortgage lenders are likely to favor the loan requests of people with at least two years with the same employer. An abrupt change can likewise hinder the loan process if you have to wait a month for your first pay stub, an item the lender would have to audit.

Avoid consolidating debt

Debt consolidation brings tall of your debt under one monthly bill and could regularly decrease your interest rate. Your home loan pre-approval depends on the state of your debts and credit score at the time you applied for a mortgage loan, and any changes could interrupt the loan consent.

Avoid missing loan payments

The mortgage lender is going to run a credit check before approving the advance, and any late or missed payments can negatively affect your credit. It is vital to remain up-to-date on all credit payments, auto installments, and almost any other one-time or recurring bills.

Don’t buy furniture just yet

Using your credit card will create more debt, which could put your loan in danger. Hold off until after the official finalization of your loan before you start shopping. We know, purchasing furniture is one of the more fun ways of setting up your new home, but we strongly advise that you hold off until you have the keys and the loan is complete.

Conclusion and Next Steps

On the off chance that a major purchase or change in employment is unavoidable, it is ideal to talk about it with your home loan lender before moving on to the next steps. Since any of the above-mentioned items on the list can result in a loan denial. On the off chance that a major purchase or change in employment is unavoidable, it is ideal to talk about it with your home loan lender before moving on to the next steps. Since any of the previously mentioned tips can cause loan denial, we trust that it's ideal to hold off. Once you are officially a proud homeowner, you can push forward with the entirety of your arrangements.

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