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Your Preferred Property Management Group

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Published 06/19/2023

Advent Properties, Inc has been providing service beyond expectation to California Homeowners and Landlords since we were established in 2008. As we move into a shifting market, it’s important for us to continue expanding our ability to provide top notch services to all of those we continue to serve. Here are just seven reasons why we are your number one choice for Property Management:

1) Marketing Presence

One of the number one keys to keeping your property constantly occupied with great tenants is our expansive Leasing and Marketing abilities. We keep our eye on the local rental market and make sure local renters keep their eye on your property. We implement videos, virtual staging, and flexible private touring from highly trained our highly trained leasing professionals. Allowing your property to be viewed as the number one choice in its neighborhood is why we consistently keep our properties occupied with great tenants.

2) Being Local and Knowledgeable

At Advent Properties we ensure that all who deal with your property are California Certified Residential Managers. Meaning our Property Managers and Leasing assistants know property management laws just as well as anyone. This ensures we remain in compliance with all State Level and Federal property management laws. We are protecting you and your property as well as the tenants, so everyone remains safe and all parties benefit.

3) Our Informative Newsletters

An aspect that’s very important to us at Advent Properties is ensuring that you and your tenants are knowledgeable about everything happening in your market. You can trust that we are staying up to date on laws and regulations. Maintaining a strong pulse on your community not only do we let you know of upcoming rallies and protests, but we frequently attend them ourselves. It’s important to us that the laws in which your property resides protect you just as much as they do your tenant. We do our best to protect those same laws.

4) Maximizing Occupancy and Profitability

Maximizing occupancy rates is the main priority for property owners. Advent Properties, Inc. implements proactive marketing strategies and thorough tenant screening processes to minimize vacancy periods. Our dedicated Leasing team works diligently to attract high-quality tenants, reducing turnover and maximizing your property's profitability.

5) Responsive Maintenance Issues

We understand that maintenance issues can arise unexpectedly and require immediate attention. That's why we have a dedicated team of qualified professionals available 24/7 to handle any maintenance concerns promptly. From routine repairs to emergency situations, our responsive maintenance crew ensures that your property is well-maintained and that tenant satisfaction remains high.

6) Embracing Technology and Best Practices

At Advent Properties, we believe in staying ahead of the curve by embracing the latest property management technology and industry best practices. We invest in cutting-edge software solutions that streamline communication, automate processes, and provide accurate financial reporting. By leveraging these tools and staying informed about industry trends, we enhance operational efficiency and deliver a seamless experience for both owners and tenants.

7) Catering to Tenant Preferences and Trends

Understanding the evolving preferences and trends of renters is crucial in attracting and retaining quality tenants. We keep a close eye on the rental market and actively monitor emerging trends to provide valuable insights. From updated faucets and shower heads to modern light fixtures and neutral color palettes, we offer recommendations on property upgrades that appeal to renters. By catering to these preferences, we ensure that your property stands out and remains in high demand among prospective tenants.

At Advent Properties, we have been exceeding expectations and serving homeowners and landlords in California since 2008. Our commitment to providing exceptional service is unwavering as we navigate shifting markets and strive to expand our offerings. With our marketing presence, local knowledge, compliance with property management laws, and dedication to maximizing occupancy and profitability, we are the number one choice for property management. Add to that our responsive maintenance services, embrace of technology and best practices, and our focus on tenant preferences and trends, and you can trust that your property is in capable hands. Experience the service beyond expectation with Advent Properties, Inc.

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