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What to do when your Electricity is shut off

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Category: Maintenance Care

Published 11/14/2017

Perhaps considered one of the greatest powers harnessed by humans, electricity has played a huge role in advancing civilisations and bringing us to where we are today. With all these technological advances and dependencies such as charging our phones and using appliances, it’s hard to imagine what we would do without it. So what happens when it goes out? Well, the world doesn’t stop, but it can feel like it. Calling the electrician is an option to bring things back to speed, but have you thought how much money you could save by taking a few quick steps? Let’s start with some basics. Basically, everything that has to do with your home’s electricity starts at the circuit breaker panel. This is usually a grey or metallic compartment that can be found on a wall in a hallway or closet of your house, or even outside. When you open the circuit breaker panel, you’ll find switches that are hopefully labeled to each respective electrical output areas. If one of your outlets is not working, or tripped, check to see if it has a reset and test button. If so, then it is a GFI outlet, which is commonly found in wet areas like bathrooms or kitchens. Unplug any appliances or cords going into the GFI outlet and press the test button. If you see a light on the GFI outlet, that also means it’s tripped. By pressing the button, you reset the outlet and bring it back to normal. Additionally, if an outlet is not working, check the circuit breaker panel to see if the circuit breaker is in the off position. If it is, then that means the circuit tripped. Switch it back to the On position to reset the circuit.

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