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Three Bay Area Cities are among the nation's most culturally diverse places to live

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Three Bay Area Cities are among the nation's most culturally diverse places to live

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Published 11/07/2019

While Immigration is still a sensitive topic to most Americans, many would agree that what makes America amazing is the melting pot of culture occurring across the nation. The diversity of a city is a unique selling point in deciding where to buy, sell, or even rent a property. So we are proud to congratulate three Bay Area cities with the highest ethno-racial diversity in the country. The personal finance website WalletHub took a snapshot of the nation. Comparing more than 500 of the largest U.S. cities to see which are the most diverse. The company analyzed each city based on ethnicity, race, language, and birthplace. Most of the data used to create this ranking were obtained from the U.S. Census Bureau.

The largest city in the East Bay, Oakland, came in at seventh place. With a population of 429,082 according to the census, received a score of 68.91. “The city ranked first in terms of ethno-racial diversity,” says WalletHub analyst, Jill Gonzalez. The majority of Oakland’s population is almost evenly distributed between Caucasian, Hispanic or Latinx, and Black or African-American. Additionally, citizens of Asian descent make up for almost 16 percent of Oakland’s population.

Standing out particularly in terms of linguistic diversity, San Jose ranked at number eight, got a total score of 68.5. San Jose has a population of 1,030,119 according to the census. “As the second most language-diverse city, San Jose has about a quarter of its residents who speak Asian and Pacific Islander languages, while another 23 percent who speak Spanish,” says Gonzalez.

The famously progressive City of San Francisco also fared very well in this ranking, taking eleventh place.

If you are looking to live in any of these wonderfully diverse cities, please refer to our Residential Rentals webpage. Please contact Darryl Glass with any questions,, (510) 500-7531.

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