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Style the Perfect Guest Bedroom with These 10 Decor Tips

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Style the Perfect Guest Bedroom with These 10 Decor Tips

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Published 01/16/2020

Decorating the Perfect Guest Room

One of the many pleasures of home decorating is welcoming your friends, family, and loved ones into your home to experience it. If you're someone who loves to host (or even if you're not!), creating the ideal guest sanctuary is key to ensuring an unforgettable stay for your family and friends.

The best guest rooms are uncluttered, comfortable and feel a little like home. But it is also a place to explore decor options, put your own personal touch, and make your guests feel like they're staying somewhere that is intentional, welcoming, and well-planned. Whether you add a bold wallpaper or you're seeking ways to create the ideal guest room oasis, we've formed our favorite guest room decor tips.

1. Pick a Theme

The most ideal approach to decorate a guest room is to settle on your style plan or topic and stick with it all through space. Keep towels and covers in a similar shading palette and include little accents around the room that fits with the theme.

2. Work With Your Room's Natural Elements

When designing your guest room, work with the architectural elements inside. Take advantage of unique attributes in your guest room, like a vintage fireplace, a wooden ceiling fan, or even a small window nook. This creates a focal point for the room and adds personality and purpose to the furniture you incorporate within.

3. Have Fun With Your Guest Bedroom

We think a side chair or small work desk is a must-have piece of furniture for any guest room, but why not take it a step further and give your guests their very own indoor swing or reclining chair. If your space is too small for a large chair, consider adding an astonishing piece of art or bold throw pillows to keep the room fascinating and anything but basic.

4. Create a Restful Space

The most essential component of a well-decorated guest room is that it gives your guests a great night of sleep. Painting your guest room a dark color like graphite or navy blue is not only unpredictable, but it can create a relaxing cave-like mood that helps lure your guests to sleep after a long trip.

5. Add Furniture

The best guest rooms contain more than just a bed. If you have enough space, give your guests the freedom to use the room for more than just sleep, and adding a small desk or a bench at the bottom of the bed can do just that.

6. Keep it Clutter-Free

Imagine what Marie Kondo would say before your visitors show up, hurl anything that doesn't make you feel happy in a closet to make an inviting space with enough room for all of their belongings. Focus on keeping the room clean and uncluttered, and emphasize a few fun accessories sprinkled around the room.

7. Make It Cozy

Adding a bunch of throw pillows instantly creates a cozy and welcoming space. With regards to decorating your guest room, utilize your hands as much as your eye. While style is significant, materials can have a notable effect. Regardless of whether you don't have a great deal of room, in any case, create a wonderful guest room your loved ones will adore. On the off chance that your room is lacking in square footage, focus on wall paint colors that make the room appear wider.

8. Symmetry Always Works

With regards to adding two beds to your guest room, keep it even. Keeping the room symmetrically balanced is a simple method to lessen the visual clutter and keep the space organized. When choosing the best bed or beds for your space, think about who your visitors are. Do you ordinarily get couples or families? Are you hosting friends for overnighters, or are you considering renting your guest room out on Airbnb? Make a point to pick the arrangement that works for most of your normal visitors.

9. Add Fresh Flowers

When your guests arrive, welcome them with a bunch of fresh flowers. Pick flowers that are easy to maintain so they won't die before your visitors "check out." Adding small details, like a vase of flowers or mints on the pillow, can give your guest(s) the impression that they are valued and will surely impress them.

10. Update for the Holidays

One fun way to keep your guest room fresh and interesting is to sprinkle in holiday decor. Think simple to-swap things like decorative pillows or wreaths that you effectively add-in for the season and give your space a bubbly and festive vibe.

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