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Resources for Unlawful Evictions

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Resources for Unlawful Evictions

Categories: Planning Property Management Real Estate Residents

Published 11/06/2019

The Tenant Protection Act caps annual rent increases at 5% plus inflation, while also forcing landlords to specify a legitimate reason for evicting tenants and to offer relocation assistance for no-fault evictions. While AB 1482: California’s new tenant protection act is set to take effect on January 1st, 2020. Many California residents find themselves receiving wrongful eviction notices from Landlords of their respective homes.

We have received calls from recently evicted tenants of competitor Property Management companies, to discuss their options for resolving these matters and finding new homes to reside. It is unclear if the actions of some landlords are motivated by the new law, or simply profit-maximizing. But Advent Properties, Inc. takes pride in conducting every precautionary step to verify that Property Owners we work with are knowledgeable of rental laws, and never abuse this method of unjust evictions.

For more information visit the Oakland Tenants Union website or call the Tenant Hotline to be connected with pro-bono attorneys and trained just cause eviction specialists: 510.TENANTS / (510) 836-2687.

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