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Prop 19 Explained: How It Helps Property Owners and Who is Eligible?

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Prop 19 Explained: How It Helps Property Owners and Who is Eligible?

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Published 03/16/2021

Prop 19 frees up inventory while providing tax savings for seniors, homeowners with disabilities, and wildfire victims — here are the ways it helps:

Tax Savings For Senior Homeowners:

Thanks to Prop 19, seniors, retirees, and all homeowners aged 55+ can move closer to family, medical care, or to a home that better meets their needs anywhere in California without a tax penalty. Prop 19 removed unfair location and price restrictions. That allows senior homeowners to transfer the tax base of their home to a new property.

Savings For Homeowners With Severe Disabilities:

Prop 19 also removed unfair restrictions on Californians with severe disabilities, allowing homeowners to move to a replacement home anywhere in California without a tax penalty. Under Prop 19, homeowners with severe disabilities can transfer the tax base (no more than three times) from their existing home into a replacement home.

Housing Relief For Victims of Wildfire and Natural Disasters:

If you are one of the tens of thousands of Californians whose family home has been destroyed or substantially damaged by wildfire, here’s some good news — Prop 19 lets you move to a new home without incurring a tax hike. Prop 19 allows victims of a wildfire or natural disaster to transfer the property tax from their damaged house to a replacement home anywhere in California.

Increased Inventory For Young Families & First-Time Buyers:

Millions of older homeowners feel trapped in homes that no longer meet their needs — they want to move to senior housing or retirement communities or downsize to smaller homes. Prop 19 allows them to move without a tax penalty. As more seniors take advantage of Prop 19’s tax savings, homeownership opportunities will open up each year for renters, young families, and first-time homebuyers in communities throughout California.

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If you’re looking for more information on Prop 19, you can visit the official Prop 19 website. If you would like some assistance in utilizing Prop 19 to find your first home, a new home, or downsize from your current home, schedule a call with Darryl Glass today!

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