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Possible Eviction History Changes in Oakland!

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Category: Property Management

Published 05/11/2016

Protect Your Access To Applicants Eviction History Call now or lose your rights at a huge cost!
How would you like to inherit repeat non-payers of rent because of a "hiding" law that prevents you, the owner, from knowing the specifics of an applicant's rental history when running credit reports? AB 2819 (Chiu) will permanently hide all unlawful detainer (court eviction) actions, unless the wronged rental property owner files a judgment in court within 60 days for outstanding monies owed. If the owner does not take this action within 60 days, the repeat non-payer will move into the rental without the owner knowing their history. Sometimes owners don't file a judgment for outstanding monies. Sometimes they just want possession of their unit because the situation has been so stressful and draining. This bill unfairly places ALL costs, burdens, and responsibilities for ensuring public notice of tenant defaults on the property owner with a specific time limit. If you choose not to file within 60 days, the resident gets their poor rental history wiped clean.
Call Your Assembly Member Now
If you live, work, own or manage a property in Alameda or Contra Costa counties, please call your Assembly Member as soon as possible and ask him or her to VOTE NO on AB 2819 (Chiu) when it is taken up on the floor.
Please call on or before May 15, 2016! Here are the simple steps:
            ·  Call the Senator's office listed below ·  When the call is answered, identify yourself and state that you are a member of the                East Bay Rental Housing Association ·  State that you live, work, own OR manage residential rental property in the City of                  _______ ·  State you are calling to ask the Legislator to VOTE NO on AB 2819 (Chiu) ·  Thank the Assembly Member's staff for taking your call. That's it!
Click here to read a letter explaining the issue in detail and why EBRHA is urging a NO vote.
Please call the following Assembly Members: Asm. Catherine Baker / District 16 (916) 319-2016 Asm. Susan Bonilla / District 14: (916) 319-2014 Asm. Rob Bonta / District 18: (916) 319-2018 Asm. Kansen Chu / District 25: (916) 319-2025 Asm. Jim Frazier / District 11: (916) 319-2011 Asm. Bill Quirk / District 20: (916) 319-2020 Asm. Tony Thurmond / District 15: (916) 319-2015

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