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One Thing No One Told you About Unclogging Toilets

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Category: Maintenance Care

Published 11/14/2017

As crappy as this situation can be, this is one of the most common maintenance issues that happens in every household. No one wants to think about rolling up their sleeves and plunging the shit out of their toilet, but is it really worth calling a plumber take care of it? What if we told you a plumber secret you wish you had known that will save you time and energy? Our goal is to make it mentally and physically easier for you to clear out the mess. Without further ado, here's the secret no one told you about

The Plumber’s Secret

The first thing is to do is to immediately take the lid off the tank, then reach down and close the flapper. This prevents the toilet bowl from filling up and overflowing. Wait for some of the water to drain down. Next, get a pot of hot water and add two to three cups to the toilet bowl. This is going to melt the clog and get things moving. After waiting 10 minutes, try flushing the toilet. If it’s still clogged, make sure to open the tank and lift up the flapper to prevent overflowing. Finally, if the hot water doesn’t work, grab some more hot water and add a couple tablespoons dishwasher soap to the bowl. Let the solution rest for about 15 minutes. Proceed to flush to see if it worked. If not, make sure to open the tank and lift up the flapper.

Bring out the Plunger

There are many plungers that fit for toilets. For all utility purposes, funnel cup plungers work the most effectively, pumping water to get the clog moving. Once you have a plunger, warm it up by running hot water over it. This will create a stronger seal when you place the plunger over the exit hole. The next step is to start plunging, focusing on the upward movement as much as the downward movement. Keep trying this until you see the toilet successfully flush.

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