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How to Get your Security Deposit Back

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How to Get your Security Deposit Back

Categories: Maintenance Care Property Management Residents

Published 11/28/2017

It's hard to imagine where to even begin when moving out of your home. Between the yes and no questions of "Do I reallllly need this?" and "I forgot I even had this", one question you may ask is "How do I get my Security Deposit back?". It's a significant and expensive question that has crossed the mind. After all, a pretty penny went towards the security deposit; why not try to get most of it back? Part of the series of common maintenance items anyone can do, we've created a list of tasks that can help maximize returning your deposit. We understand that it can be overwhelming at times, so a steady pace and the right tools can make anything achievable  


  • Clean refrigerator, shelves, crisper, under crisper and underfoot guard.
  • Clean and defrost freezer.
  • Clean Cabinet Doors Inside and Out
  • Clean tiles and faucet fixtures.
  • Clean floor (including under the refrigerator and stove).
  • Check and clean garbage disposal (if applicable).
  • Clean stove, hood, vent, and filter (all should be grease free).
  • Clean all counter tops.


  • Vacuum carpet, including edges. Shampoo the carpets if necessary. Carpets are preferably cleaned professionally to avoid damage.
  • Clean baseboards and woodwork throughout the unit.
  • Clean all blinds.
  • Clean windows and windowsills (inside and out wherever possible).
  • Clean and vacuum sliding window tracks.
  • Clean air conditioner


  • Clean medicine cabinet out completely
  • Clean mirrors
  • Clean window and windowsill
  • Clean all tile
  • Clean floor
  • Clean Bathtub, Shower, shower doors
  • Clean all drawer/cabinets & vanity
  • Clean hardware on faucets/shower
  • Clean toilet inside & Out including enclosed base


  • Clean ceiling fan blades
  • Light cover
  • Outlet Covers need to be installed


  • Stain-free from any car oil


  • Remove and dispose of any debris.

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