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?Happy Halloween from Advent!?

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Published 10/31/2018

~In the SPIRIT of Halloween~
Advent had our Annual Halloween Costume & Pumpkin Decorating Contest! 

We awarded cash prizes for our top three winners...
Which one is YOUR favorite?

Bonnie, our maintenance mascot won First Place with her Martini Costume! 
Tammy's Cinderella Coach took First Place!
Longson: Navy SEAL / FranCine: Tow Queen! / Darryl: Waldo (we found him!)
Marisa: Black Cat / Jackie: Pumpkin

Akiko: (Lazy) Cat / Tammy: Robin Hood / Kelly: Dallas Super Fan (Go Cowboys!)
Our Halloween Contest Winners!

? From all of us a Advent?
Have a Safe & Happy Halloween! 

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