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Everything You Should Know About The California Solar Mandate

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Everything You Should Know About The California Solar Mandate

Published 01/24/2020

As of the beginning of 2020, all newly developed homes and low-rise apartments in California are required to have rooftop solar panels. The state is the first in the country to convey such a change in the law. This law also requires better insulation and air filtration for new homes. In addition to a few zones in the Bay Area seeing regulations on the utilization of natural gas. For instance, new homes in Berkeley, San Mateo, Menlo Park, San Jose, or Marin County will not have the option to introduce gas appliances or will have to be more energy-efficient to do so.

The guidelines for energy use are expected to help reduce the state's greenhouse gas emissions. The new laws apply just to recently built homes and apartments so existing buildings are not required to make the change, but it is widely welcomed among many Bay Area residents.

To comply, some home developers are purchasing solar pannel boards to install or rent them from sun-powered suppliers. A few developers of new-home networks are also hoping the state energy commission will approve fulfilling the solar requirement with community panels, an assortment of boards that can give energy to a few homes.

The California Energy Commission evaluates that the solar-based mandate and extra construction regulation changes could include $9,500 per home in development costs. However, they say the changes will save homeowners $19,000 in energy and maintenance costs over 30 years. The California Building Industry Association estimates the new regulations will add between $8,000 to $13,500 to the cost of another development home. It says the costs will be given to home buyers.

The California Energy Commission says that 26% of the state's ozone harming substance emanations originate from the development of housing. “There’s no way to meet carbon or clean energy goals without electrifying the building sector,” Panama Bartholomy, director of the Building Decarbonization Coalition.

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