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Employee of the Month - Tyler Powell, Listing Agent

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Employee of the Month - Tyler Powell, Listing Agent

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Published 05/16/2023

For the month of May, Advent Properties is proud to support our very own Leasing Agent, Tyler Powell. Tyler has been with the company now for over 3 years and is our sole Leasing Agent working directly with our owners to keep their properties occupied with our amazing tenants. Thanks to Tyler, Advent has an average of 28-40 days on Market for our properties. Which is less than the 30-60 average days you usually expect in the Bay Area. We sat down with Tyler and asked him questions on why he has so much success:

How long have you been with Advent Properties? How did you get your start here

Since October 2020. I was let go of my previous job due to covid in March of 2020. I spent months looking for not only just a job, but a job that would get me excited. When Benjamin and William decided to hire me and give me a chance, my career was truly changed forever.

What do you love most about Leasing?

I would say the thing I love the most about being a Leasing Agent is the feeling of finding a dream home for an applicant and telling them the exciting news. Good news is something people should always want to give and this job allows me to do that on a consistent basis.

What is the Key to renting a property in today's market?

I would say there are two keys:

1) Pricing is Key. Owners and Property Managers must look at the market conditions in great detail as well as the notable highlights of a property/community in order to accurately price their units.

2) Availability. In order to maximize your properties interest, you must be available to show interested parties the unit as much as you can.

What do you love most about working with Advent Properties?

If I had to pick one thing I love about Advent, it would be the culture. There is nothing better than enjoying the people you work with to make coming to work that much better every day.

We thank Tyler and all of our amazing team members for all they do for the company and for our clients. It's because of our great members, like Tyler, that we can perform so smoothly. Thanks again Tyler for all you do! If you are interested in any of our currently vacant properties please do not hesitate to give Tyler a call for a private tour:

Tyler Powell, Leasing Agent

(510) 250-7918,

DRE# 02178425

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