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Are you Staged for Success?

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Category: Property Management

Published 07/17/2017

When staging a home, how much of it really matters? According to a study from National Association of Realtors, 62% of sellers agents say that staging a home decreases a number of time homes spend on the market. Not only does staging decrease time on market, it can actually increase your property's value by as much as 10%. Staging a property allows potential buyers to get a feel for the home. Every visualization and opinion of a home begin with how the home is staged, and appealing to the largest number of potential buyers is crucial. The living room is the most important room in a stage. After all, this is usually the most commonly used room, followed by the kitchen and master bedroom. The yard and outdoor space are close behind while the guest bedroom is considered the least important room. Beyond staging, there are some common home improvement projects that benefit any property going on the market. For example, decluttering and cleaning the entire home is highly recommended. Other small projects include depersonalizing the home, removing pets, and making minor repairs.  

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