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Are you a culprit of these food crimes?

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Category: Property Management

Published 07/07/2017

Did you know America throws away an average of 40% of food? We’re throwing away too much. Most of us are throwing too much good stuff – recyclable and compostable items - into our garbage containers. Compostable items such as food and food-soiled paper are an especially big problem. Residential households and units can also save money if they pay variable rates for trash. By making small shifts in how you shop, prepare, and store food, you can toss less, eat well and save money. Here are five easy ways to help stop food waste. ​

  1. Store apples up to seven days on the counter, then refrigerate. Keep apples away from bananas and avocados because they speed ripening.
  2. Keep tomatoes by storing them on the counter, vine side down. Transfer them to the refrigerator when fully ripe.
  3. To keep bread from drying out, store all types of bread in a breadbox, not the refrigerator. Old or hard bread can be saved for later by turning them into croutons.
  4. Shop smarter by buying only what you need until the next shopping trip. Buying fresh ingredients in smaller quantities also helps.
  5. Got leftover pasta? Give it a new life by turning it into a pasta frittata.
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