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Always be learning, growing...

Categories: Property Management Real Estate

Published 09/24/2019

"REimagine" 2019 Real Estate Conference

This week, I'm at the California Association Realtors conference in Los Angeles. I'm here to learn more about the Real Estate and Property Management industries. As you're probably aware the real estate market and political arena are constantly changing.

We at Advent Properties want to stay up to date on latest market trends and politics. We do this so we can best assist you through your entire real estate journey. We attend conferences throughout the year, as well as webinars and other live lectures on a regular basis. As laws and regulations change, and the market evolves, we want to be your go-to source for your real estate needs.

If you have questions, are looking to buy a new property (investment or home), or sell your property, I would love to discuss the current market with you. Please feel free to call, text or email at 510.500.7531 or You can also schedule a call at a convenient time for you by scheduling below:

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