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According to Designers, These 6 Items Should Always Be In Your Home!

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According to Designers, These 6 Items Should Always Be In Your Home!

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Published 03/06/2020

We've all had that one household item that was passed on or given away. But what about the items we know to be worth hanging on to for generations? Think staples that can stand the trial of time, nostalgic finds, or even flea market treasures you can't stand to leave behind. Today we'll be listing the stylistic layout pieces worth staying with, regardless of a remodel, a distant move or spring cleaning cleanse from a number of trusted home decor specialists. This is what you shouldn't leave behind at any point in the near future.

Anything That Truly Speaks to You

There's no compelling reason to dispose of decor you love because you don't feel like it compliments your room's aesthetic. Anything can work given the correct size, hues, and surfaces encompassing it. Sentimentality prevails over aesthetics anytime, and if you love something it justifies having in your life. "Forget about the trends or what everyone else has in their home and design around what makes your heart sing,” says architect Angela Todd.

This way of thinking rings particularly valid for designer Tiffany Hanken, who believes the decor you surround yourself with is there to narrate the story of your life. She consistently incorporated vintage china sets that she acquired from her great-grandmother into her space, utilizing it every day, mixing and matching the pieces with new tableware for dinner gatherings. "It carries me such a great amount of satisfaction to think my extraordinary grandma utilized them during her life and that now I am too," she says. Furthermore, reframe tossing aside physical copies of photographs! "Everything may be digital these days, but actual photos are worth keeping.” With huge amounts of inspirational and creative decor arrangements on decor websites, Pinterest and Instagram, there's no reason for disposing of them or keeping photographs covered up in a photo book or box.

Furniture with Classic Silhouettes

According to decor curator Elizabeth Stamos, certain household items have a timeless style. Think wingback seats, Chesterfield couches, tufted headboards, and wooden shelves for starters. "If you purchase something with great bones, you will never think twice about it," Stamos notes. The key is to reupholster it in a texture you love. The reupholstery procedure itself can be speculation, however, you can get a good deal on revamping things by searching refurbished furniture websites for pieces needing a new home. Stamos recommends Craigslist and eBay for discovering seats, but personal marketplace apps like OfferUp and Facebook Marketplace are safe and available on any device. It is worth taking note of that when looking past the fabric, the state of the item is the thing that makes it a long-lasting piece. Bench Seating

Regardless of whether they're wooden, metal or upholstered, seats are flexible to such an extent that they're never worth leaving behind, says planner Lauren Clement. "A seat can rethink itself in such a large number of various arrangements with paint or new texture," she says. You can essentially utilize them all over the place, seating at a kitchen or lounge area table, in a lobby or gateway, at the foot of a bed, or in your child's play space. Benches genuinely are one of the few long-lasting decor items in a design book that you can continually breathe new life into.

Vintage Rugs

"Never under any circumstance, ever dispose of a vintage mat," says Hailey Weidenbaum, proprietor of custom window treatment organization, Everhem. Not exclusively are vintage floor rugs high-priced and hard to source, but they're perpetually in style and consistently sought after, which means you can always resell them should it come to that. In the event that you have one that doesn't exactly fit in with your present space, roll it up, and stash it away. You'll never know whenever or where you'll have the chance to utilize it. Furthermore, with the prominence of layering floor coverings, don’t worry if you happen to have something with abnormal dimensions in your home. You can always find a way to style it with another floor covering, vintage or not.

Limited Edition Pieces

That priceless collector’s item you caught you for a deal? Try to show it off in a bold way! “Sometimes artists will create limited edition works—such as when Piet Mondrian did paper plates for the MoMA, and Jonas Wood crafted limited edition posters and scarves,” explains designer Sara Story. These are the things that could in the long-run increase in value, so don't toss them out at this time, regardless of whether you're somewhat tired of them.

Anything Handmade

Handmade items are extraordinary and worth keeping throughout the years, says Brad Ford, coordinator of Field + Supply, a bi-annual modern-maker craft fair. Regardless of whether it's hand-sculpted dishware, gems, or an enormous bit of carefully assembled furniture, these things are exceptional relics of a period and place and are best when treated accordingly. "Handcrafted items carry a degree of the soul of a room just as a fascinating story," admits Ford. In addition, handmade decor consistently makes for an extraordinary conversation. When you take into account the time, patience, and skill it warrants to make something by hand, tossing it out would essentially be a disgrace.

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