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7 Pieces of Bedroom Furniture That Take Up Too Much Space

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7 Pieces of Bedroom Furniture That Take Up Too Much Space

Published 05/02/2020

Imagine, you get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom or grab a beverage, and you bump into your nightstand or stub a toe on your dresser. We've all been there: Just as you probably are aware of the design of your room, an abundance of furniture can obstruct the flow of your room, along with its aesthetic.

Large, ornate bed frames:

Grand four-poster beds with canopies and frilly bed skirts are now a remnant of the past. People are looking to create space while implementing modern elements in their bedrooms. In most cases, bed skirts aren't necessarily a vital part of most bedroom layouts.

Matching bedroom sets:

While many furniture department stores continue selling matching bedroom sets, they are now considered old-fashioned. Decor enthusiasts are mixing various styles to create an eclectic and personal look in their bedrooms. While matching may seem easy and a bright idea, it drastically drains the personality of your bedroom, often making your room so simple it has become dull.


If space is an issue, take out the bedside tables. Substitute their usefulness by adding floating shelves on the wall behind the bed, directly over the headboard. Instead of lamps on the end tables, include wall sconces for lighting, and make sure to incorporate dimmers.

A jewelry armoire:

Regardless of whether or not you have an expensive assortment of jewelry, a bulky jewelry armoire sitting on your dresser is outdated and unnecessary. Enormous jewelry armoires occupy an excessive amount of space and are more of an eyesore.

Exercise equipment

Exercise equipment arranged in bedrooms are typically misused, so find space for those pieces elsewhere! These pieces often become a clothes hamper and are not used for their actual purpose.

A large dresser or one too many:

While having too many dressers is a waste of space, so is having a dresser that’s too large. If you think you truly need the storage space, try doing a purge of everything in the drawers. Chances are you don’t need or wear more than 30% of the items, which could probably all fit inside of your closet. Your closet should be the primary clothing storage space, and you should invest in a closet organizing system.

Large television and cable box:

Just as bulky Television sets and cable boxes are going by the wayside in living rooms, they’re not needed in bedrooms, either. A TV does not belong in the bedroom since that is where you sleep. But if you need one in the bedroom, mount a smart TV, hide the cords, and use streaming apps like Hulu and Netflix to make it look like artwork on the wall.

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