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7 Home Security tips to prevent burglaries

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7 Home Security tips to prevent burglaries

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Published 12/04/2019

Every 18 seconds another preventable break-in will occur in the United States, totaling to over 200 break-ins within an hour. The average monthly cost for home security monitoring services is $30/month ($360/year). Monitoring prices can be as low as $9.99/month ($120/year) for basic monitoring, and upwards of $100/month ($1,200 annually) for more premium services with complex devices. Even though implementing proper home security can become expensive, there are small steps you can take to improve home security and genuine feelings of serenity before leaving your home.

Lock your door and windows
This appears to be a conspicuous tip, yet 30 percent of thieves report breaking into a home through an opened window or entryway. Life gets occupied and we hurry to work, school, and activities. Take a couple of moments before you leave to check the entryways and as of late opened windows on the primary level. In the event that you'll forget to, stick a note in your entryway to remind yourself before exiting.

Additionally, do not forget to close your blinds and curtains. Prior to entering a home, a robber needs to realize what they're going to take. A planned home break-in's duration typically lasts between 6-12 minutes, therefore burglars will investigate a home's valuables through windows before the break-in.

Train your dog
Appropriately prepared pooches are Effective at hindering home invaders. While they are able to defend themselves by biting, their loud barking can cause intruders to panic and caution somebody of the bulgar's presence.

Train your dog

Give the illusion you have an expensive system
Ever observed those home security signs in yards? Those are effective at deferring home intruders by advertising that your home is secure against their methods of intrusion. Stick a sign close to your letter drop and patio that says something conventional like, "surveillance cameras in use" regardless of whether you have any. Try not to be specific about the brand or the model, since they may attempt to disarm it on the off chance that they know how to. Home intruders will probably see your decoy sign and avoid burglarizing your home.


Speak to neighbors before going away on a trip
Before taking a vacation, set up safety efforts. Home intruders search for mail accumulating, overgrown lawns, unkempt gardens, and dim houses as signs you're not present at home. Request that a neighbor collects your mail for you, and consider paying someone to cut your garden while you're away. Maybe consider leaving a dim patio light on, since timed lights are also relatively inexpensive to install.

Leave a radio playing near the window
TV and radio playing is normally a sign that somebody is at home. Since leaving your TV on can become costly, consider purchasing a low-cost radio to play in a window near the front or back door. Also, on the off chance that you have pets, they love having music on while you're away. Sounds of people are comforting to most domestic animals when they’re alone.

Don’t leave an electronic trail of your whereabouts
In the era of digital footprints, we overlook that you can't generally trust everybody around you. Avoid posting about a major vacation prior to or during it. In the event that you have Snapchat, turn off your area in settings so nobody can follow where you're going throughout the day. Just tell trusted neighbors, family members, and close friends when and where you're going during the day and on trips. Give just two individuals access to your home with spare keys. It isn't wise to share your garage code, as that can be given to numerous people without your knowledge. Keys are a way to know only the individuals you trust know your whereabouts and are able to enter the home during your absence.


Stay up to date on crime trends
Take time during your week to monitor nearby crime patterns from local news stories. Utilize crime alert apps like the Citizen app, this enables you to perceive what neighborhoods are dangerous and when burglars are striking.

Citizen App

For more tips on how to properly secure your home during the holidays, please call Darryl Glass at 510.500.7531 or email Darryl at

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