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5 Home Design Trends That Are Taking Over 2020

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5 Home Design Trends That Are Taking Over 2020

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Published 01/09/2020

Good news for those who want to get a head start on their home decor remodeling plans: Home remodeling site Houzz, a database where millions of home decor enthusiasts and interior designing experts share decorating concepts, recently created a summary of home design patterns ready to find their way into your home this year.

Formal Dining Rooms

Dining Room

Regardless of whether it's an easygoing weeknight dinner or a Saturday evening gathering, meals nowadays will be shared over casual arrangements, often within or near the kitchen. Houzz anticipates that residents should treat their dining areas like the stunning spaces they should be, with eye-catching hues, designs, bold light fixtures and fine art that probably won't fit somewhere else inside the style of the home.

Colorful Kitchens

Bold Kitchen

In the kitchen, an all-white color palette has ruled since the beginning of time. They're timeless, typical, modern, clean, and compliments almost any decor style. In any case, residents just might be seeking a change in 2020. As indicated by Houzz, while white cabinets remain a preference to remodelers (with 40% of redesigning property owners installing them), there's a greater uptick in those seeking more choices. Houzz recognizes delicate shades of light grays and blues, as a substitute on-the-rise for the all-white kitchen. Another choice for the individuals who can't leave behind their white cupboards? Try small touches of wood, which can be presented through open racking, ledges, drawers, and pull-outs.

Wood Range Hoods

Oven Hood

The bathroom isn't the room being elevated by texture. In the kitchen, warm woods are advancing toward unusual spots, including over cooktops as decorative range hoods. Alongside the universal farmhouse sink, warm wood accents complement farmhouse sinks and will emphasize your love for classic farmhouse-style kitchens.

Bold Laundry Rooms


It used to be that if someone needed to have a little fun redesigning, the default area would be the powder room. But, nowadays, home decor enthusiasts are looking for energy in another persevering space: the laundry room. As indicated by Houzz, planners are progressively trying different things with mood-boosting hues, fun patterns, and unconventional design ideas, including chalkboard walls, themed wallpaper, and creative storage arrangements. Anything to make the job that needs to be done somewhat more pleasant to do.

Bathroom Seating

Bathroom Seating

This one may sound a little left-field. But with restrooms turning out to be progressively similar to spa-like wellness retreats in the home, benches, stools, and seats by the window are getting considerably more conventional. Keep one close to the vanity as a spot to sit during your evening skincare routine, or by the shower as a catch-all for towels, candles, and books.

Anyway, which of these trends are you contemplating adding to your home this year? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook and Twitter. Feel free to contact Darryl Glass via. phone (510) 500-7531 or email, for help finding a remodeling expert to bring one of these trends to your residence. You can also use as a reference to draw some decorating inspiration!

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